Newsbuzz: August round-up

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RISC-OS-LogoChristopher Martin has updated Thump, a dynamic image viewer which uses a browse-able filer-like display with thumbnails. Thump differs from most other thumbnail applications in that it does not build and store a special set of thumbnails, but generates them in real time as you browse the directory structure.

It can handle several common image formats, and can also display a file slideshow. It is possible to attach keywords and captions/descriptions to images and do simple searches on those attachments.

Improvements of note in this new version include:

  • Improved system stability when modules call external programs to render sprites and those programs crash.
  • Darren Salt’s !Spr2Png has been reinstated as the preferred PNG handler.
  • The Sprite module had a buffer-sizing bug that was rare but fatal.

David Buck has made available a new version of Workspace, bringing it up to version 3.87. Workspace is a utility that provides 6 desktop workspaces to prevent cluttered desktops.

Windows can be paced on seperate workspaces which can be instantly switched between. Windows can live on more than one workspace, and each workspace can use a different screen mode and palette, plus 22 and 24 icon sets.

This update introduces a bug fix to prevent errors from ZeroPain, which will ensure the application continues to work with future OS versions on ARMv6/7 machines. You can download Workspace for free from the ARMClub website.

R-Comp Interactive have announced that as of the lastest ARMX6 operating system update – the ARMX6 is now capable of delivering top-of-the-line graphics output with support for 4k monitors/resolution and 2560×1440 @ 60hz.

As well as a number of graphical output improvements, the software update has enhanced the ARMX6’s networking functionalities, including built-in support for login to modern NAS and Windows machines (eg. Win7) using NTLM encrypted logins. The software update is free for all ARMX6 owners.

Newsbuzz: July round-up

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RISC-OS-LogoNow that the bulk of RISC OS shows for the year have past, the RISC OS world has entered the lull it always undergoes this time of year. Despite the lack of activity, there’s still a few news pieces of note, so here goes.

Christopher Martin has made available a new version of OpenVector, OpenGridPro and DrawPlus – which act as enhancements to !Draw. Version 3.46 is now available for download.

This release includes several bugfixes and changes to capability. The VectUtil module’s service handler avoids calling non-re-entrant SWIs, leading to greater system stability. Sprite scaling will always use a slower but more reliable method. An object’s position can be set to #1 without producing a fatal crash. Dragging out a selection box with ADJUST will invert the selection list, not simply add to it. The order of the current selection list can be reversed (CTRL-V), making it easier to do things like access objects buried deep in the stack, or select unwanted interpolations to delete.

A new version of FX80Emul is now available from Sine Nomine Software. The app emulates Epson-compatible 9-pin dot matrix printers. You can take a file of output intended for the typical 1980s dot matrix printer, drop it on the application, and it will be rendered to the screen.  You can then print the material via the normal RISC OS printer drivers or output as Draw files. The update includes a bug-fix which affected the ESC ! control sequence, and also improves the speed of rendering. You can download FX80Emul free of charge from here.

Richard Darby has released a minor update to !PlutoDat, a simple method of moving Pluto’s Articles files to a location which is routinely backed up. This new release sees some minor bug fixes as well as some changes to the !Run files of the primary and remote installations of !Pluto. You can grab !PutoDat from here.

Harriet Bazley has updated Textseek to version 1.47. Textseek is a WIMP front-end to a fast machine-code file search routine. It uses throwback to display the search results, showing a whole line of text as context for each match. This release contains bug-fixes to prevent the application crashing if it attempts to detokenise corrupt BASIC files, and to ignore errors caused by illegal characters in filenames on foreign filing systems. You can grab it here.