A look at RISC OS on the Raspberry Pi 3

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Released back in February 2016, the Raspberry Pi 3 marked the Pi’s fourth year in existence. The latest board from the Raspberry Pi foundation brings in a number of interesting features, including built-in wireless connectivity and a more powerful processor. … Continued

GPS on RISC OS with Raspberry Pi HATs

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I’m sure most people are familiar with GPS today. It feels like it’s built into every kind of portable device on the market at the moment. If you’ve recently traveled forward in time and you’re not aware of what GPS … Continued

Use your cranium, buy Titanium!

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…is a term CJE Micro’s or R-Comp Interactive might be using for their new Titanium based computers, running on the Cortex-A15 motherboard from Elesar. Announced in the second half of last year, the Titanium board ships with with the option … Continued

Titanium from Elesar now in full production

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A little while back you might remember reading about the upcoming release of the Titanium from Elesar. Announced out-of-the-blue at the 2015 London Show, well the Cortex-A15 motherboard with the option of having RISC OS 5.23 pre-programmed into it is … Continued