0405151745030048The Iyonix PC was an ARM based computer running RISC OS 5 sold by Castle Technology and Iyonix Ltd between 2002 and 2008.

It was the first personal computer to use Intel’s XScale processor, and was the first computer to run the RISC OS 5 operating system – running it exlusively until RISC OS Open gained permission to release open-source versions of the operating system in 2006.

Released in 2002, the Iyonix was the first computer designed to run RISC OS that used a 32-bit ARM processor.

All previous computers designed for use with RISC OS had been 26-bit only. In order to run RISC OS, a new version of the operating system was designed for the Iyonix – RISC OS 5.

The Iyonix was sold in a variety of different cases, sold as different models of the machine. Pictured to the right is the Iyonix Panther being displayed at the Wakefield RISC OS Show 2004.

Proving to be very successful within the RISC OS market, the Iyonix PC is considered to be the most widely purchased RISC OS computer since Acorn’s RiscPC, released in 1994.

The latest versions of the RISC OS 5 operating system supports all versions of the Iyonix PC.

Technical specifications

  • Internal specifications
    • Processor Intel XScale 80231 clocked at 600MHz
    • Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce 2MX PCI card until June 2006. Now supports newer 5200 and 6200 cards
    • Motherboard features PCI Sockets (2x32bit, 2x64bit)
    • UDMA100 IDE sockets (2)
    • DDR200 RAM socket (1) – Max 1GB
    • Flash ROM – Allows software updating of the OS
    • CDRW drive (or optional DVD-RW drive)
  • Rear connectors
    • On Board Audio – Mic, Headphone, Audio in
    • Gigabit Network port
    • Serial ports (2)
    • Standard ATX power connector
    • 2x USB2 compatible ports (USB2 is available via a chargeable upgrade for users with early systems)
  • Front connectors (Varied slightly by model)
    • 2x USB ports
    • Mic, Headphone ports
    • Power button
    • Reset button
  • Other specifications
    • RISC OS 5 supplied on Flash ROM
    • Support for multiple graphics cards, providing dual-head display.

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