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ScreenDump1A few months ago, fresh-off the back of developing space shooter Overlord and roleplaying game Legends of MagicAmcog Games‘ Anthony Vaghan Bartram took to the RISC OS Open forums to see what kind of game would people want to see developed for RISC OS.

A few were mentioned, but Rick Murray’s suggestion to develop a clone of the old Archimedes favourite Fervour caught Anthony’s eye. The space-based maze game released back in 1993 cemented itself as a classic game of the Archimedes era for many. Unfortunately it is no longer compatible with modern versions of RISC OS, with RISC OS 3.1 being the last version it is compatible with.

Those of you that aren’t reading this on RISC OS might want to check out this YouTube video showing Fervour in action to get those nostalgic juices flowing.

Since requesting inspiration for his next project back in January, Anthony has already made quite a bit of progress on his Fervour clone. Screenshots of an early version of the title look pretty accurate to the original – there’s even some sneak previews of the music that will be in the game available on this ROOL forum thread.

I haven’t seen anything to suggest whether the title will be released as a commercial game or freeware/open-source, although I assume it will follow the same path that Overlord and Legends of Magic went down – with commercial releases on the Pling Store.

The game is currently with being testers – who are undoubtedly trying their very best to break the game in a variety of ways. All in all, it’s looking pretty good so far – and it doesn’t sound like a full release will be too far away either!

Update: Xeroid is now available for purchase. Check out our review!

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  1. Charles Brent

    Any news on the Fervour clone?? Would love to play this classic again!

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